The First Blog

The first post, pretty intimidating. So intimidating, in fact, that I’ve put it off for 2 months since I first created this blog. Since June, I got a little sidetracked with my healthy eating (for the whole story -please check out the “About Me” section). I was off work for 5 weeks, and decided that I couldn’t afford to continue at Simply For Life (SFL), until I got back to work. I also was pretty confident that after being in the program and having great success for over 6 months, that I could handle going-it-alone for a while. Well, I was right and wrong. I handled it really well for the first 3 weeks, then it went downhill from there for the last 2. Part of my success for the first 3 weeks was due in part to the fact that I was attended Julie’s Bootcamp 3 times a week. It was tough and I was sore for days after in a “painful-to-get-on-and-off-the-toilet” kind of way. I worked really hard during the sessions and since I could feel it working even in between workouts, I didn’t want to eat poorly and ruin any progress I was making.

Unfortunately, once the 3 weeks of sessions was over, and I found out that between my bust, waist, and butt I had lost a total of 6.5 inches, I slipped into feeling the need to reward myself. A little extra carbs and sweets here and there have left me feeling completely off track, both physically and emotionally, and I had to clean out some spoiling veggies from my veggie drawer in my fridge (I hate wasting veggies).

SO, it’s Sunday, August 8th and I’m starting over. I think one thing to realize when working to lead a healthy lifestyle is that, no matter how far off track you are or how long you’ve been off track, you’ve got to start somewhere to get back on track. So today is the day. I feel pretty good about it because I’m also starting a new 3 week session of bootcamp tonight. Also, I’m back to work now and I really find that I need routine in my life in order to remind myself to have regular meals and snacks. I also eat healthier because when I’m at work I only eat the fruits and veggies and protein I’ve packed in my lunch. So it should be a good week and I’ll keep you updated as I go. Unfortunately, although I was supposed to be going back to SFL this week, I got a message saying that my nutritionist Brent is on vacation all week, so I won’t be back at SFL until next Thursday. Here’s to hoping I can keep it on track this week all by myself- and with the support of my new blog reading friends! Stay tuned!

Speaking of being back on track, I started this morning with a delicious breakfast of Buckwheat pancakes. The mix is from Spearville Flour Mill – located about a half hour from my house- got to love supporting local – and organic. I made lots so that I can freeze extras, and have them while I’m on my way to work this week. I love making a little pancake sandwich with some almond butter. I’m always looking for something quick and easy that I usually eat in my truck on the way to work.

How do you get back on track to eating healthy and exercising?


One response to “The First Blog

  1. Hey I look forward to reading your blog Martha! Congrats on the weight loss!

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