Bootcamp and Kale

So I went to Sunday night bootcamp which was the first class of the latest session that Julie’s Bootcamp is offering. I attended bootcamp in July while I was off work for 3 weeks and loved it so much I’m back at it again this month. Unfortunately, even though I knew I would be returning, I didn’t bother keeping up my workouts on my own, and thus, last night was harder than it should have been.

I did fine through the warm-up, then halfway through the cardio section of the class, I got the worst stitch in my side that I think I’ve ever had in my life. It didn’t seem to matter what I did, putting my arm over my head, exhaling every time I stepped on my left foot (stitch was on the right), there was no relief and I ended up walking out the rest of the cardio. Made me feel like a total first timer, when I was hoping to be one of the pros.

I was better by the time we went into the strength training and I worked extra hard at jump lunges, sumo squats, side planks with leg lifts, and a variety of other exercises that have left my legs feeling a bit tender today.

I do realize that I need to rework my eating times on bootcamp days. Yesterday, I had a late lunch around 2:30, then only made time for a Kashi bar before class. This -and lengthy chatting with my bff in the parking lot after bootcamp- left me eating supper at 9:15 – wayyy to late and too close to bed time. I’m going to work on rectifying this so that I’m eating a meal before bootcamp and then only need a snack afterwards.

I started out my day today with 3 boiled egg whites and a banana. Pretty boring, I know, but I have to be at work at 7:30am and I’m a get-out-of-bed-at-the-last-possible-minute kind of person. I’m always looking for quick and easy breakfasts that I usually enjoy on my way to work. I then ate a juicy Kiwi at 10:00 and this delicious massaged kale, avocado, mushroom and red sweet pepper salad. Since I’ve started eating healthy, kale and avocado have become two of my favorite foods- especially when combined. I meant to throw some Jane’s Pre-Cooked and Seasoned Chicken breast strips on top of this salad this morning and totally forgot in my Monday morning rush. Otherwise it would have been a perfect meal. Here’s a pic of what I whipped up last night before bed and enjoyed today at lunch.

Missing my lunchtime protein left me hungrier than usual this afternoon, so I loaded up on water while at work and enjoyed a big apple at 2:00 or so. When I got home I cut up about a cup of berries for a snack. I’m thinking salmon burgers for supper with a spinach salad. Sounds good right?


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