Eating right on the go

One of the hardest things about eating right are those days/weeks/months/maybe even years, when my days are packed full, I’m barely home except to sleep, and making a box of KD or grabbing something from a drive through are the only options I can fathom for pulling together a supper. Being on the Simply for Life program has definitely helped me combat this, but there are still times when I struggle to make the time to eat right. Fortunately, this has become much easier over the past 7 months since I began the program. Part of the battle is planning.  As you may have noticed already, and will continue to notice, I don’t whip up anything spectacular or time consuming very often. I feel that some of my best meals are comprised of a handful of ingredients, and take less than a half hour of prep time. I also making sure I go to the grocery store often enough to at least keep fresh veggies and fruit in my fridge at all times, and keeping the dangerous “easy” food out of my house all together. For lunch options I make sure to always stock up on a few key items that are super quick and easy to prepare and don’t cost a fortune. My fridge is never without spinach, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, peppers, and carrots. I also keep kiwi, apples, grapes, and berries (during the spring and summer). I always have pre-cooked chicken breast stips and salmon burgers in my freezer, and tuna in my cupboard. 

Ideally, I take the time to make my next-day-lunch the night before. It’s easiest to do this when I’m making supper and already have all my veggies out. My lunch and supper portions are the same, so I just make a third serving of whatever I am making for my partner and I. 

When I don’t prepare lunch the night before, and only have 5 minutes to throw together my lunch before leaving for work, I can grab a handful of spinach, mushrooms, grated carrots, and tomatoes, and toss a can of tuna or a handful of pre-cooked frozen chicken strips on top; grab an apple and kiwi and I’m out the door. 

For days when I’m even more pressed for time, I grab one of these freat frozen veggie packs out of my freezer along with a can of tuna that I can open and drain at work. 

Green Giant Essentials


They have a few different mixes of veggies but this anitoxid one is one of my favorites and they take about 3 and a half minutes in the microwave. 

The closest Costco is over a couple hours away but anytime anyone I know is in that city I get them to pick up these delicious chicken strips for me, that have so many possibilites – the simplist being just eating them as is. 


Finally, if I completely oversleep and making a lunch just isn’t an option, I go out for lunch. Less than a 5 minute walk from my work is the best little take out restaurant called Julie’s Kitchen. She serves the most delicious and freshly prepared panini’s, sandwiches, soups, and salads. (check Julie’s Kitchen out on FB ) I had this panini on Wednesday called The Eastwood – pulled chicken, carmelized onions, mayo, bbq sauce, and greens – which I always get on a wholewheat wrap. 


Julie’s spinach salads are another favorite of mine (topped with strawberries). I made my own version of a spinich salad topped with strawberries, mushrooms, onion, Pinty’s Chicken breast strips, and a drizzle of poppyseed dressing for lunch yesterday. 


Tonight, I’m going to throw a few new potatoes from my Dad’s farm in some tinfoil with some vegetable seasoning and evoo, and maybe a salmon burger or porkchop on the BBQ. I don’t think I’ve had my oven on more that a half dozen times in the last 3 months, and I plan on keeping it that way for another couple. Everything tastes better BBQ’d! 

Bootcamp has been going great and even better now that I am making sure to eat at least an hour and a half before I go. Julie, not the same Julie of Julie’s Kitchen, has had us running hills, doing chin ups on the jungle gym at the local elementary school playground, doing the leaning duck walk, lots of planks and push ups and lunges and squats. I’ve been feeling it all week, which I love, because I know that even though I may fall to the back of the pack, or take a break halfway through a plank, I’m still pushing myself as hard as I can and I’m feeling the results even if I can’t see them yet. Plus it’s a constant reminder for me not to eat something that will make all that hard work go right out the window! 

I’m heading to the cottage with some friends tomorrow and to a community dance tomorrow night. I’m taking lots of veggies and a bit of fruit with me to share with everyone and ensure that I’m staying on track even when I’m away for the weekend. Hope to be posting a recap of my weekend sometime on Sunday! Have a great weekend everyone!


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