Back on Track

So I went to my SFL consultation today and had a nice little chat with Brent. He asked me what I have learned about myself from being off the program for the past 6 weeks. I told him that I have learned that this significant of a lifestyle change needs professional support. So if you are out there trying to go it alone and you are thinking of going to a professional, I strongly urge you to do it! The support and accountability and professional knowledge and education about food choices are crucial elements to the success of changing your lifestyle for good. That being said, I also learned that my life style has definitely changed. While I did veer off track somewhat, I didn’t completely regress to the way I was eating before beginning the Simply For Life program. I have struggled with my mom other people asking me how I am making out with my “diet”. I have grown to hate that word. I really do feel that this is not a diet and thus a temporary way of eating, but a life style change and I proved that I have actually adjusted pretty well when I was able to go it alone rather successfully over the past few weeks.

Then the time came to get on those scales that I haven’t been on in 5 weeks – yikes! Lucky my hard work at bootcamp has paid off and counteracted the sweets and KD I did indulge in – I was only up 1 lb from my last weigh in 5 weeks ago! This news has got me feeling pretty optimistic about being back on track, continuing bootcamp and working hard with the support of Brent.

Brent also decided that I should go on a cleansing meal plan for the next week or two to jumpstart my metabolism again and rid me of any extra fluids I have built up from the junk I’ve been eating. Hopefully I’ll have the meal plan before the weekend so I can get a good start on the week.

I also had bootcamp tonight and Julie sure kicked our rear-ends. We ran hills, then killers, and worked our core through several exercises. I know I am going to feel it tomorrow. It was one of those really great workouts where even though I was worn out, I had tonnes of energy after. I’m hoping this energy will carry through to tomorrow morning! I’ve got another green smoothie on tap. 🙂


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