Day 1 “Cleanse”

My personalized meal plan arrived in my inbox late yesterday afternoon. I probably should have started with it last night considering I’d eaten well all day anyways. Breakfast was a green smoothie as usual and I actually remembered to photograph it!

For lunch I had a BBQ feast of leftovers (I forgot to take a pic the night before)- pork loin, red and yellow peppers with a bit of BBQ sauce, Worcestershire sauce and feta, and new potatoes drizzled with EVOO and vegetable seasoning. It was quite a treat, even as leftovers.

And I snacked on some ripe blueberries and watermelon. What a fantastic combination!

However, I had a major jones for some Pizza Hut pizza and I caved in, justifying it with the fact that my step daughter was staying with us and it’s her favorite. I did limit myself to two pieces, but they were followed by a campfire smore as well. This “last meal” of sorts left me feeling pretty sick, and I know I should have known better. The worst and best of my sugar intolerance is that whenever I give into a craving, it leaves me feeling so rotten that I can’t even think of eating like that again for some time.

I started this morning with a “green” smoothie, that was actually very blue. I used water, spinach, banana, and fresh local blueberries and blackberries. It was pretty tasty but I still haven’t found a combo that tops my strawberry banana smoothies. I also had a Kashi bar a couple hours later for a snack.

We made a Saturday morning trip to the junkyard to get a resistor module for my truck. Mine’s been broken since May, which means while I’ve had air conditioning and heat, the fan that blows it out into the vehicle wasn’t working and it would only trickle out. I am very happy to have everything working again and am so fortunate to have a man in my life who can take one off an old junked truck and put it on mine for 10 bucks, part included. Wouldn’t have even covered the tax if I had had to buy one new from the dealer!

By the time we got home though, I was pretty hungry and set right to work cooking up some basmati rice, chicken and a Kale and avocado salad. I loaded my plate up with 4oz of the chicken, 2 cups of salad, and 3/4 c of rice which I topped with Clubhouse Vegetable Seasoning.

I still find it hard to believe that this much food is what I’m eating for lunch! Very filling indeed. Clubhouse Vegetable Seasoning is one of my favorite toppings for just about anything. I usually just use it for BBQing and roasting veggies, but a few years ago, when I was finishing up my third year of university and couldn’t afford groceries trying to cleanout my cupboards, I added some to my rice and was in love with the combo. A friend of mine stopped in that very day and tried some and was so in love, he emailed me a couple weeks after we were all home and said his whole family had tried it and they were all hooked.

I can’t remember what’s on the menu for supper tonight, but I’m thinking I should probably get a start on it, as well as raking all the rocks off our front yard so we can get a lawn started before summer’s over! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends so far!!


3 responses to “Day 1 “Cleanse”

  1. trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name

  2. I’m starting on my 3 day cleanse tomorrow morning – well, I should say I get the menu e-mailed to me in the morning
    I have to be at work at 8am so I’ll have to pick up the groceries after work
    I’m glad to find your post because now I’m not so worried about what foods I might be going to eat

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