Day 3 Cleanse: Time to get Cooking

So it’s day 3 of my cleanse and I’m finding it a bit difficult to stick to the limiting menu that the cleanse offers. The Nutrition transition meal plans are so much easier, especially once you get the hang of all your options. So for anyone who is just starting out with the program, hang in there throughout the cleanse. I think this cleanse is easier than my first one because I have the knowledge that it gets easier. However, to make things easier on me, I set tonight aside for cooking. I hit up the grocery store after work with my grocery list that accompanies my meal plan (pretty clever feature of the SFL website). When I got home my mister had the BBQ all fired up and we threw on a quick meal of BBQ’d mushrooms and onions in balsamic vinegar and premade Salmon burgers from Sobey’s. I’m not usually a fan of salmon but I really,really enjoy these burgers. I also cut up a fresh tomato on the side.

I added a dollop of whole grain mustard to my burgers for a little kick.

After supper and enjoying a few minutes outside with my mister, I heading in to “slave” over the stove. I’m not much of a plan a head person, but I took a cue from ‘ s post on planning out the whole week including meals and decided my week might be easier if I did a bit of planning ahead as well.  I was in the groove to cook up a storm tonight and had two recipes going at the same time – a Quinoa salad and Cabbage Soup. These are both on my plan right now as something I should be having at lunch time, so the adjustment for me is cooking up something I won’t be enjoying until tomorrow. However, I already feel better about having part of my meals for the rest of the week all made up.

Once I got the Quinoa salad made up, I dished out my 3/4c servings into sandwich baggies so I can freeze some and they will be easy to grab and go on my way to work.

I ended up with about 6 servings which should last me a couple of weeks! Also, I love that the quinoa is from Speerville Flour Mill which is about a half hour from my house! Growing up on a farm, I am a huge fan of supporting local and for anyone in NB, Speerville Mill has a lot of really great products.

Here’s a pic of the huge batch of Cabbage soup I made.

I’m not a huge fan of soup, so I’ll let you know tomorrow what I think of this dish. I’d also love to post some recipes for you, but I need to look into the rules of sharing SFL recipes are before I can do that. Briefly, this soup is a mixture of cabbage, broccoli, garlic, shallot, onion, low sodium chicken broth, and water. The quinoa salad is quinoa, carrot, onion, celery, almonds, mushrooms in a dressing of oil, honey, garlic, and lemon juice. I did try a bit of the salad tonight and it is pretty freakin’ tastey!

Other news, I did a bit of emotional eating after bootcamp last night after getting some bad news about a family matter. This is one of the areas where I struggle the worst. Food for me has always been something I used to numb myself to whatever was stressing me out in life. Conversely, I also used food to celebrate when things were going really well for me or others around me. Using food for emotional reasons, as opposed to using it to fuel my body, is the primary reason I gained so much weight. While my lifestyle has definitely changed, these tendencies that have been part of my life for the past 10 or more years are really hard to shed, especially when stressors in my life all bubble up at the same time. I got the news right before I left for bootcamp and I really had to focus to even muster up the motivation to go to bootcamp. Afterwards I ate a big cookie and about a cup of chocolate ice cream. I’m still feeling the urge to drown my sorrows in food but being at work in my routine all day and coming home and focusing on planning for the week and cooking really helped stem those false cravings. While the biggest problem with this latest stressor is that it isn’t something that can be solved anytime soon, I’m hoping to stay busy enough with bootcamp and friends and cleaning the house for a shindig we’re having this weekend, that I can power through the worst of it.

One more thing – a neighbour dropped off a bunch of cukes and I can’t think of what to do with them! Any suggestions other than soaking them in apple cider vinegar?


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