(another) New Blender!

Ok, so I am sooooooo excited because I bought a new blender again today!!! Thank goodness for Wal-Mart and their loose return policy. I purchased an Oster Blender from there a week or two ago and was just not impressed with how it worked. It wasn’t that it was defective, it just didn’t grind and chop with as much vigor as I had hoped for. So I took it back and ventured to Canadian Tire, where I purchased this baby.

I was a bit nervous because Canadian Tire doesn’t have the loose return policy that Wal-Mart does, and if I used it and didn’t like it, I wouldn’t be returning it. I scoured the internet when I got home for reviews on this thing and couldn’t find anything on this particular model. However, I gained confidence from reading several glowing reviews on a similar Ninja product. I took the chance and opened it up, washed it up, and tossed in some spinach, frozen berries, water, a banana, some pineapple, and a bit of cocoa. It was a glorious concoction, and I was beyond impressed with the way the Ninja Professional Blender worked. It blended everything smooth and with little effort. The top of it even locks on, so I didn’t have to worry about it blowing off. The pitcher on it was really light and check out these blades!

The three rows of blades made it a little awkward to load, but it works so well I can forgive it for that. Plus cleaning it up was super easy as the blades just kind of sit in there, so there was no disassembly or reassembly. I am really impressed so far. It also claims that it can make ice into snow – I’ll let you know how that goes.

After my Chocolate Green Monster that I had for supper, I went to Bootcamp. I pulled my hamstring last class and it was hurting me pretty bad all day so I was a bit anxious about how hard I was going to be able to push it tonight. The warm up was a bit rough, but it felt much better once I got it going. Also, we did our cardio in the arena and the ice is now in and the temperature was absolutely lovely. This allowed me to really push myself during the interval training and I felt great about it. We then headed outside for upper body workout night. We worked hard, but had quite a few laughs while doing it. Because we are using our own bodies for resistance, in order to break up the monotony of push ups, we use each other for resistance, pushing and pulling against each other’s arms, working different muscles in our arms and shoulders and chest. I felt like we had barely begun and class was over! So we did a quick cool down, really stretching our arms out.

Eating before bootcamp has always been a point of contention for me, since bootcamp is at 7:00pm, which is when I usually am eating supper. If I eat before I have to rush home from work and eat something as quickly as possible to give it time to digest before I start working out, and I find if I wait until after, it’s 9:00 or later before I’m eating, which is too close to bedtime for me. Plus I’m then lacking energy during bootcamp. Brent, from SFL, recommended trying a green smoothie before bootcamp. I was worried about running with all the liquid in my stomach, but I figured I’d try it at least once. The result was very positive, I had lots of energy during camp, and while I was a bit hungry when I got home, I just finished up what was left of my supper smoothie and am now completely satisfied. I’m also brimming with energy, which is pretty rare for this time at night, when I’m usually crashing. I’m looking forward to another in the morning!

I am still looking for suggestions for what to do with all my cucumbers! Any suggestions at all?


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