End of summer

Hey! Hope everyone had a great weekend; only one more weekend left of summer, then we’ll all be back to school and back to the regular grind. My weekend was fairly low key, except for having some friends over and a few drinks on Saturday night around a big bonfire; good times.

The fire wasn’t this intense all night, but I love how all our friends played their part in keeping the fire going at one point or another througout the night – lugging brush, tossing logs of wood on, or just poking around. I also snapped a mirror pic sometime earlier in the evening…

Because of my sensitivity to sugar, I have to be pretty careful about drinking alcohol since most all alcohol has high levels of sugar. I was almost always sick when I drank throughout university, but now that I know to choose options with lower levels of sugar, I rarely get sick anymore. However, this has meant giving up some of my favorite choices -anything carbonated (beer, coolers), and any liquor with a sugary mix. I still drink a bit of wine, and hard liquor mixed with sugar free juice. Really I miss beer more than anything, but feeling sick just isn’t worth it.
The problem with drinking is losing one’s good judgement about what to eat. I made a wicked good Nacho dip (layers of creamcheese, salsa, taco seasoned beef, grated cheese, all heated in the oven), for my guests but I couldn’t serve it without trying a little bit. Then a bag of these got passed around and I had more than a couple handfuls.

I don’t have any clue what all they put in these things, but I’m certain there is something in them that is equally as addictive as crack. I just could not stop as long as the bag was anywhere near me. At least I ate healthy BEFORE the party got started. Check out this salad (which I recreated again last night):

That’s spinach, vine ripened tomatoes, avacado, red onion (from my own garden 🙂 ), carrots, mushrooms, and goat cheese, topped with OSG’s Better than Bottled Balsamic Dressing. I saw this recipe posted earlier in the week and it sounded so easy and delicious that I whipped it up and was definitely not disappointed. Goat Cheese is also so amazing on a salad. Even better is that, now that I’m reflecting on it, I enjoyed this salad much more than those who-knows-what-is-in-those-things ChedAcorns. I feel so proud when my body is craving good healthy food!

I’m off to a doctor’s appointment this morning, then hoping to fit in some cardio before the day’s over, as well as soaking up some of this gorgeous sun that is supposed to bless us all week. What a treat for the last week of summer – and I’m on vacation this week! How perfect! Mother nature has been so good to me this summer; I was off for the month of July- which was absolutely gorgeous and hot just the way I like it, August I was back to work and it has been nice but much cooler than August, which has been perfect for working in. I’m off this week for a break between summer and fall session and it’s supposed to be gorgeous and hot again! Yipee! But because I’m off work, I’m hoping to post losts of updates this week. Happy Monday everyone!


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