New Eats

So I’m riding solo this week and for the next 5 since my Mister is away for a course for work. Thank goodness he will be home on weekends because it makes for some lonely evenings, and this is only week one. Luckily this little snuggle bug is keeping be very busy.

However, with the Mister away, this gal will play….as in experiment with food. Actually it hasn’t been anything all that exciting, but two of these dishes are definitely going to be part of my go-to meals, and all three were inspired by several different blogging ladies.

I had been reading a lot about adding nut butter to smoothies and I tried it out once before and was not a fan at all. But when I stopped for gas a caught a glimpse of both a Reese’s ice cream bar, and a gigantic peanut butter cookie from the local bakery in the convenience store, I had a major jones for something chocolate peanut butter. I decided neither was a good option for supper, so when I got home I resolved to try the nut butter smoothie again. Into the blender went:

1C unsweetened Almond Milk

1 large frozen banana

1 scoop Chocolate Amazing Grass

2 T Cocoa powder

2 T Almond butter

2 handfuls of spinach

I played around with this concoction a bit adding more here and there and was quite pleased with the outcome. I actually found this pretty filling and I saved half of it for the next morning. Unfortunately, as I added a little more spinach, banana, and cocoa, I was not real happy with the way it tasted this morning, even though it wasn’t that different from last night. I just wasn’t feeling it this morning and I don’t think this recipe will make it into my regular smoothie routine.  Maybe blended up almond butter just isn’t for me.

What is for me is Overnight oats. I’m so in love and can’t believe I waited so long to try them out when I’ve been reading raves about them for months now. The night before into a bowl went:

1/3 C Spearville Organic Steel Cut Oats

1 banana

1 T Chia seeds

About ½ C Chocolate Unsweetened Almond milk

1 T Cocoa powder

2T Almond Butter


I stirred it all up, mashing the banana, and left it in the fridge over night. What a treat to wake up and have breakfast all ready for me! My understanding is that most people eat Overnight Oats cold. I had a few spoonfuls of it cold, and while this might be a good summer option, fall has definitely set in here and I decided to warm them up for maximum enjoyment. I was so full half way through this bowl that I almost couldn’t finish it, but it was so good, I enjoyed every last bit. I loved how full I felt all throughout the morning. It was definitely a “stick to your ribs” kind of breakfast. If you are reading this, and have yet to jump on the Overnight Oats bandwagon, I urge you to wait no longer! It is so easy and quick and having breakfast all ready when you wake up is the next best thing to being served breakfast in bed.

Also, a couple people suggested I sauté my abundance of Kale I picked up this week. I never would have thought to do this, but with all this Kale I figured why not. I knew I wanted to season it with some salt, and I always stay away from salt as much as I can the day before and of my weigh in at SFL (which was today – I maintained this week, but didn’t lose any; hopefully being back at bootcamp will rectify this). So right after my weigh in and before I took off for bootcamp seemed like the perfect time to have a light meal of sautéed Kale, mushrooms, and chicken.

I put a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil in my skillet and added a little more than I would if I was just greasing the pan. I then tossed in some Kale, and then some more because it broke down so much. I ground a little Sea Salt onto the Kale, probably about a teaspoon and let it simmer. I also tossed in some mini bella and shitake mushrooms, and some precooked chicken. The whole thing literally took less than 10 minutes to prepare. My first few bites were good, but I felt it was missing a little something. That’s when I poured a little of this on top:

This is a soy based product that my SFL nutritionist recommended when I first started the SFL program. I go through phases where I add this to almost everything. It tastes similar to soya sauce but it is a bit sweeter. It is also much much lower in sodium than any soya sauce. AND it comes from PEI! Got to love supporting the Atlantic Provinces. So I added a little of this to my Kale and I was in heaven. As I mentioned above, this is definitely something I’m going to be eating on a very regular basis, quick, easy, and nutritious. Perfect.

I had bootcamp tonight and we worked a lot on our legs so I’m sure I’m going to feel that tomorrow when I go to sit on the toilet. It hurts so good. I would say more, but my internet has been screwy all night and delayed me past my bedtime as it is. Crate training for the puppy begins this weekend so I know sleep is going to be hard to come by in the household. Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!


3 responses to “New Eats

  1. Wow the oatmeal idea I love love I will give it a try this weekend. Sorry you will have a lonely week but I am looking forward to more recipes 🙂

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