Off Week

So I’ve been having a complete off week in which I haven’t felt like doing ANYTHING good for myself. I went to bootcamp Sunday night and then to visit my g-ma and drove home feeling pretty fantastic after the hard workout and nice visit. I don’t know what happened between then and Monday but for three days I just did not feel my best. I haven’t felt exactly sick, just lacking energy and motivation. The only thing I can chalk this off week up to is stress. This is my first week in the classroom with my new students, my Mister is away for school for another 4 weeks, and my puppy is waking me up at all hours of the night. My biggest problem with stress is that I succumb to it too easily. I let it get me down and then I quit eating right and exercising regularly, and then I feel even worse. It’s a terrible cycle. I did have a nice visit with an old friend last night and I’m thinking that might have been just enough of a rejuvenation to set me back on track. I’m also going to see Brent at SFL after work today, which I hate doing when I’ve had a bad week, but I NEED to do so that it is only 1 bad week and that it doesn’t turn into 2.

I do have a couple great recipes to share with you soon too – Peach and Cucumber salsa, and Pumpkin Overnight Oats. I’ll be back tonight with these recipes, some pictures, and an update of how SFL and tonight’s bootcamp treat me!


One response to “Off Week

  1. hi,thans for the info, great read, looking forward to the next update. if u do twitter follow me @favoriterecipe and i will follow you back

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