What to eat when you’re sick with a cold

I have the worst immune system ever. My family always jokes that I never should have chosen teaching as a profession because I am bound to catch whatever is floating around, and at school there is always lots of it. It doesn’t seem to matter how diligent I am about washing my hands, using sanitizer, and being careful not to pick up and use my student’s pencils or pens when I am teaching them something (this last point is one of the #1 ways teachers get their students germs), I still manage to get sick. Last winter I was pretty fortunate and was only sick once with a cold and fended off the flu even in the midst of the H1N1 scare, although I did have a mild reaction to the vaccine, (couldn’t have been as bad as getting the full out flu though!). I was hoping this boost in my immune system might have been related to my eating healthier since January and not to say it hasn’t helped and won’t continue to help this coming winter, but it’s barely fall and I’m in the midst of a full out cold. Runny nose, watery eyes, slight headache, sore throat- basically the usual.

I decided to Google “Best foods to eat when you have a cold” and then clicked on a reader’s digest link that told me:

“Start with a bowl of Mom’s chicken soup. Research has yet to show how it works (and how the heck Ma knew), but we do know that a nutrient-rich diet builds your immune system and fights inflammation. This season, stock up on these healing foods:

Orange Juice Vitamin C may shorten the duration of your cold, helping you get back on your feet.

Oatmeal, bananas, fish, chicken, turkey  They help maintain the health of organs that make infection-fighting white blood cells.

Apples, cranberries, tomato sauce These contain flavonoids, anti-inflammatory substances that can strengthen your immune system.” source

So I following this advice, I started out my day with a big bowl of Overnight Oats made the usual chocolaty way I love them. 1/3 C Steele Cut Oats, 3/4 C Chocolate Unsweetened Almond Milk, 2 T Almond Butter, 1 mashed banana, 1T Chia Seeds, and 1 or maybe 2 T of cocoa powder. I left this in the fridge overnight and loved every minute of it this morning.

At about 10:00 I had an apple, then a Chicken, spinach, mushroom, grape tomatoes, and onion salad topped with Kraft Fig Balsamic dressing (which is good but a little goes a long way). I always up my onion intake when I have a cold because I always felt they helped knock the cold out of my system. I checked the Simply For Life website and looked up Onions (this part is available to members only) to find out why.

Onions are a definite must for adding flavour to your Simply For Life Meal Management Program. They can be used raw or cooked anywhere you please, as they are considered freebies.
1/4 cup to 1 cup of onions daily has been shown to lower cholesterol, inhibit cancerous tumour growth, and help manage diabetes. Onions are a blood tonic and have anticoagulant properties that may reduce the risk of heart attack and aid in high blood pressure. Onions also ease fluid retention and promote the elimination of urea. Onions help to inhibit carcinogens, bacteria, and tumour growth. They are also useful in treating diarrhea, digestive problems, coughs, colds, and influenza.
Onions are rich in nutrients, including (but not limited to) calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, and vitamin C.

So basically due to the fact that onions ease fluid retention, they make your nose run and help get the infection out of your system.

For supper tonight, I wasn’t feeling very hungry, but wanted to get some good antioxidants and nutrients in my system. I decided a powersmoothie would be the best choice and the extra fluid would help me as well. It turned out looking so dark it was basically a sludgy looking blue/black:


But it tasted pretty darn good.

Powerhouse Get better Quick Smoothie

1C Chocolate Unsweetend Almond Milk

1C Frozen Blueberries

3C Fresh Spinach

3 frozen cubes of Basil (I didn’t have any fresh) =3t

2 large sprigs of Mint

1 banana

1 scoop Amazing Grass Chocolate powder

1 inch nub ginger

1 T Cocoa

1 t Cocoa Chilli Blend (optional)

1 packet Stevia sweetener

So yeah,basically, a little bit of everything! I blended this baby up for some sweet heat that was cold but had a nice little burn going down. It was exactly what I needed and I’ve leisurely sipped on it all night. Maybe I’ll feel all better by the time I wake up in the morning! Here’s to hoping!

I also picked up a couple of sick with a cold essentials



I’m heading to bed early with my In style as soon as I paint my finger nails the gorgeous new gold colour I picked up at the drug store (pics tmr). I always try to do something to make myself feel better about my appearance when I am sick so that I don’t feel like I look as sick as I feel!

What do you eat/ do/ buy to help yourself deal with and get over a cold or other illness fast?

I have bootcamp tomorrow night, should I go and push through it or skip it and do my own less intense workout at home? Do you still work out when you are ill?

Also this is my first post using Windows Live Writer so if anything is weird, hopefully I’ll get that sorted out and figured out right away, but feedback is welcomed!


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